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Learnforce HQ

“The Villa”

Hoge Naarderweg 8
1217 AE Hilversum

Learnforce Studio

“The School”

Eemnesserweg 7
1221 CT Hilversum

    Sharp, Candid & Skillful

    Headquartered in Hilversum, the media capital of the Netherlands, we help large forward-thinking organizations transform their L&D Experience. We mix smart tech, premium media and creative strategies. Our ethos is grounded in mutual admiration and dedication—towards our team, our clients, and the transformative power of education. It's a journey we embark on with a spirit of joy, collaborative innovation — and with a good dose of fun thrown in!

    Learning & Content Strategy


    Born and raised in Belgium. Schooled in the Netherlands. From leading a branding agency to fullservice broadcast productions; Kees combines two decades of expertise to transform the world of Learning & Development as founder of Learnforce.

    Kees loves to dive into complex content and digest as much information as possible in order to come up with fresh learning concepts. He’s well known for his execution power, bright ideas and vision on L&D.

    You’ll find him on his motorcycle in the weekends, in his quest to visit some of the best chefs in the world or in a conversation on the power of purpose. He is at his best when his creativity is required to solve complex learning and activation challenges. Besides that, he is recognised by his clients and colleagues for his laughter, uplifting spirit, genuine interest and presentation skills.



    Grew up in the countryside, moved to the city. Driven by curiosity and irrepressible hunger to get to the bottom of the nitty-gritty of processes, businesses and people’s habits.

    Dirk lives for the challenge of making sense of complex situations, always thinking one step ahead and connecting information, processes and data resulting in a concrete and effective learning & development or change approach. Whether it is campaign-based learning, organisational mapping or (senior) leadership, he enjoys working with teams that need to challenge the current status quo and are open to change.

    Brimming with ideas and a great desire to make things whole again, Dirk loves to fix, bake, brew or make anything broken that has a link to an unconventional way of producing. For our clients, Dirk is an open, approachable sparring partner who effectively helps you take the next step in your L&D strategy and implementation.

    Head of content production


    An entertainer at heart, he started as an editor at his 18th and fully embraced the broadcast and film industry.

    Radically forward-thinking and an excellent eye for great content and even better stories. Whether on TV or on internal corporate channels, Robbert’s work reflects his high energy, perseverance, and solution orientation.

    His knowledge of editing and his ability to improve any content production is phenomenal. If you hear the words “whoop whoop” shouted, Robbert might be close-by. In addition, you will recognise him for his big smile and his enthusiasm about the role of broadcast-quality content for learning and development purposes.

    Project Manager


    Operations Manager


    Our manager operations is Brian. With his background in IT and the Automotive Industry, he has a strong passion for innovation and process improvement.

    Whether it is automating processes, doing more in less time and letting the digital era work for you. Brian is always looking for new and better options to help our clients in trouble-free execution of the development of their projects whilst running and overseeing multiple projects.

    Brian is very pragmatic, down to earth, and fun to work with. Outside of work, he enjoys exploring the world on his motorcycle and enjoys the simple things in life like a good fresh cup of coffee and seeing the sun rise in the morning.



    Loves baking bread, brewing beer, is a real fan of all types of chocolate, but above all, he loves designing solutions that will exceed your expectations.

    With his background in advertising and marketing/print media, he brings a lot of experience in designing materials that entice our students to click through, turn the pages and learn more.

    With his fresh eye for typography and composition, he can transform even the most challenging (boring) topics into beautifully designed, engaging learning solutions. Whether it’s a visualisation of complex company-wide competence mapping, an infographic on a new HR cycle or a detailed technical learning on dredging, he makes it work for you, the participants and your company.



    If you really want to be surprised by someone so versatile in her talents, you should meet Sonja, our learning designer.

    With her background as a postdoctoral researcher conducting brain research
    on the influence of fear on financial decision-making, you wouldn’t think she would be a world-class learning designer. The good thing is that Sonja knows how participants experience learning and how the way we present the topic is of great value for knowledge transfer.

    In other words, Sonja is a great learning designer who is always looking for new methods and techniques to transform difficult topics into clear and distinct, intelligent learning solutions. Her experience as a university lecturer also makes her a valuable L&D consultant.

    UX designer


    Our UX specialist that also knows everything about the latest films is Roos. Creative, on-point, trustworthy, but above all a sharp eye on user-friendly design.

    Don’t start a discussion about films with this lady. But If you don’t know what to watch, she’ll can provide you with great advice. Her passion for the moving image does not reach her level of enthusiasm about UX design and continuous improving everything we develop. From our world-class app to intelligent content design.

    Roos is always on top of things, likes to make to-do lists and finish those. Loves to learn new techniques and follows the latest developments and trends in the market. On top of that, she is a joy to work with and her creativity and thoroughness will pleasantly surprise you.



    L&D Creative


    Our dedicated L&D Creative, Mans, has one clear goal: to make learning enjoyable. Because, according to Mans, learning and development rank among the most satisfying experiences.

    As a knowledge-focused creative, Mans translates practical information into vibrant stories that captivate. Drawing from extensive experience in the television and advertising world, Mans knows how to spark curiosity and sustain attention with relevant and engaging content. Add Mans’ passion for education to the mix, and you have the perfect blend for developing innovative learning methods that truly resonate. Concepts through which Mans fosters a culture of continuous learning.

    Interestingly, that inexhaustible creativity is entirely absent in the kitchen. At Learnforce, Mans is known as the kitchen klutz. Fortunately, this is compensated by an excellent taste in music. Mans can identify the artist at the first note of a song. That’s why guessing songs is Mans’ favorite hobby, and in that realm, it’s always 1-0 for Mans.

    Trainer & Facilitator


    L&D Content


    L&D Content


    L&D Content


    Project Manager


    Elza leads our teams to rock their goals! She excels in clear communication, making interactions effortless.

    With a background in auditing and accounting, Elza smoothly transitioned into the world of support, bringing a wealth of experience. With her adaptable and energetic approach, Elza enthusiastically takes on new challenges and delights in acquiring fresh skills.
    Colleagues appreciate Elza for her wisdom, kindness, and calm approach, contributing to a pleasant work atmosphere.

    In her spare time, Elza enjoys exploring history and finds delight in historical dancing. But above all, Elza is a passionate traveler, so outside the office, you might just run into her in the most extraordinary places.



    Chief Happiness


    L&D Specialist


    Tech Lead