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Elevate your L&D to new heights

Growth teams

In the face of challenges like high turnover and recruitment difficulties, the need for a strategic, thoughtful approach in Learning & Development (L&D) is more evident than ever. Learnforce recognizes these challenges as not merely statistics but as reflections of a deeper need for a culture where development and growth are central. Our Growth Teams are dedicated to transforming these challenges into strategic opportunities, propelling your organization towards growth and success.

When L&D strategy does not match corporate strategy...

Item No.

01. Employee turnover escalates

High turnover rates exceed your targets, leading to disruptive staffing changes and increased recruitment costs.

Item No.

02. Workforce Productivity Reduces

Misaligned L&D strategies lead to inefficient training that doesn’t translate into improved job performance or business outcomes.

Item No.

03. Employee development stagnates

A lack of clear growth and development paths results in employee dissatisfaction and a sense of career stagnation.

How Learnforce can help

Learnforce offers a holistic approach to L&D maturity, focusing on creating a tailored strategy that fosters a culture of continuous learning and adaptability. At Learnforce, we’ve helped numerous organizations realign their L&D strategies for a more engaged, motivated, and productive workforce. Our method, including our dedicated Growth Teams, is designed to work for you too.

Growth teams are the missing piece of your L&D puzzle

When you partner with Learnforce, you get a tailored team of like-minded strategists and problem-solvers, technologists and makers, creatives and craftsmen. We understand your business and are committed to achieving rapid growth that taps into people’s full potential. When intelligent tech is combined with broadcast-quality content craft, anything is possible.

We operate at the intersection of strategy and learning

We help you unlock L&D growth and put it into action with frameworks and strategies that drive both the growth of the organisation as well as the individual’s potential.

We value your trust

Our learning strategy model comes with a fully adaptable growth team that will stay focused on your unique L&D needs. Over 75% of our clients have been with us for at least 5 years, proving we are not the type of agency that churns through clients.

Modular. High impact. No penny wasted.

We are hyper-focused on helping you make the L&D impact you need. Modular means that you get only the features and functionality you need to get the job done — nothing more, nothing less.

Why work with a growth team?

  • Customized L&D Strategy
    Develop a strategy that aligns with your unique organizational needs and goals.
  • Process Structuring and Professionalization
    Enhance the efficiency and impact of your L&D function with streamlined processes and clear role definitions.
  • Positioning L&D as a Strategic Asset
    Shift perceptions of L&D within your organization, enhancing its role from a traditional function to a key driver of growth and innovation.