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From Learning Course Knowledge Event to Culture

To win in a post-pandemic world, L&D leaders need to prioritize culture over isolated learning events.
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We operate at the intersection of change and learning

We help you unlock L&D growth and put it into action with frameworks and strategies that drive both the growth of the organisation as well as the individual’s potential.

We are the missing piece of your L&D puzzle

When you partner with Learnforce, you get a tailored team of like-minded strategists and problem-solvers, technologists and makers, creatives and craftsmen. We understand your business and are committed to achieving rapid growth that taps into people’s full potential. When intelligent tech is combined with broadcast-quality content craft, anything is possible.

Modular. High impact. No penny wasted.

We are hyper-focused on helping you make the L&D impact you need. Modular means that you get only the features and functionality you need to get the job done — nothing more, nothing less.

We value your trust

Our learning strategy model comes with a fully adaptable growth team that will stay focused on your unique L&D needs. Over 75% of our clients have been with us for at least 5 years, proving we are not the type of agency that churns through clients.

We have the services you need to get to your L&D destination

Leadership Development
Intelligent Quality Content
Campaign-based Learning
Serious Gaming
Career- & Competence Mapping
Worldclass App