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Collaboration with Recruiters

Do You Have Exceptional Talent for Learnforce?

At Learnforce, we value the contribution of external recruiters in finding ideal candidates to strengthen our team. Do you possess such exceptional talent?

Please contact Dirk Kleingeld, our main contact person for external recruitment.

At Learnforce, we strive for a fair and transparent process for all candidates. Our goal is to offer everyone an equal opportunity to be part of our innovative and strategic organization. To ensure this, we follow the guidelines below for collaboration with external recruiters. These guidelines have been established out of respect for both the candidates’ time and the integrity of our recruitment process.

What we expect

  • A Realistic Representation: We seek candidates who truly match our requirements. A mismatch in the early stages of the process is not only a missed opportunity for us but primarily a disappointment for the candidate.
  • A Shared Vision: The candidate must be genuinely interested in a career at Learnforce. This means the recruiter’s terms must align with what we as an organization can offer; otherwise, employment is not possible.
  • Respect for Existing Relationships: Learnforce values relationships with our partners, clients, and suppliers. To avoid conflicts of interest, we avoid candidates brought by recruiters who are already employed by our current partners, clients, or suppliers. Recruiters are responsible for verifying this independently.

Our Guidelines

  1. No Cure, No Pay: We collaborate on a ‘no cure, no pay’ basis, where compensation occurs upon the actual hiring of a candidate; exceptions apply only if agreed upon in writing beforehand.
  2. Application Process: Candidates must be submitted via email with a complete CV and mentioning the relevant vacancy. After submission, Learnforce has 3 days to determine if the candidate is already known within our network.
  3. Confidentiality: We guarantee discretion about the candidate and will not use the information to disadvantage the recruiter, under penalty of paying the agreed-upon compensation.
  4. Employment: All candidates are considered for full employment at Learnforce. Mediation in terms of hiring or through other arrangements (such as payroll or detavast) is excluded in advance. We typically engage in a temporary employment contract of 7 months, including a trial period of 1 month.
  5. Compensation Structure: The compensation is paid in three parts; 1/3 upon hiring, 1/3 after the trial period, and 1/3 after 7 months of employment. The maximum compensation is 17% of the candidate’s gross annual income with a limit of EUR 10,000. Annual income includes the candidate’s fixed gross annual salary including holiday pay, but excludes variable rewards and other extras such as a company car.
  6. Responsibilities of the Recruiter: Recruiters must assess the suitability of the candidate based on our vacancies and ensure that the candidate is familiar with our recruitment process, including our core values, the trial day at Learnforce and taking a personality test.
  7. Verification by Learnforce: We reserve the right to verify the qualifications and experience of candidates and also reserve the right to decline employment, even after agreement.


Dirk Kleingeld is your partner in this journey to find extraordinary talent for Learnforce.

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