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Building a sustainable high-performance culture

Restructuring Leadership Development

into an adaptive blended learning journey.

Rewriting and redesigning the existing leadership program into an adaptive blended learning variant. All new managers within AkzoNobel were onboarded on a quarterly basis.

This was done in a classic classroom manner in which everyone was presented with a standard program. This approach was time-consuming, not engaging and ultimately ineffective and inefficient. In addition, it created pressure on the HR business partner, as the training led to more, not fewer, questions. 

Elements involved
  • Re-design HR-process
  • Storyline development
  • Intelligent content-development
  • Adaptive learning journey
  • World-wide distribution in 9 languages
  • Highly detailed process visualisation

AkzoNobel, is a Dutch multinational company which creates paints and performance coatings for both industry and consumers worldwide. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the company has activities in more than 80 countries, and employs over 32,000 people

Project Results


Deployed in more than 80 countries.


Higher rating as compared to previous approach


Average rating by employees.
Image showing two example screens of de AkzoNobl learning

Analyzation and optimization

Together with a core team of AkzoNobel employees and supported by a sounding board, the existing learning was analyzed and examined in terms of how relevant it was for them.

We also analyzed the importance of content for different job-functions. The offer was divided into online and offline elements that varied depending on function, existing knowledge, and length of time at the organization.

Making it right.


Managers felt taken seriously and were able to spend their time more effectively.


Less pressure on HR business partners.


Higher rating of the program from 3/5 to 4.5/5 on a global scale.


More engaged employees as the training was not only used for knowledge transfer but also for putting knowledge into practice.

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