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Alquin Magazine Digital Platform

Learning Experience Platform

for students preparing for their English exams.

Alquin offers 2 to 4 editions a year to help students learn English and pass their exams. As habits change, Alquin wanted to create a new digital platform to connect students and teachers and facilitate lessons.

The platform allows students to view content, study articles and prepare for tests. Our goal was to create a platform that looks attractive to students while providing them with the best conditions to study.

The administrative side of the platform helps teachers track their students’ progress and highlight the most effective learning strategies.

  • Learning Experience Platform – LXP
  • Gamified learning
  • Teacher dashboards
  • Repurposing Intelligent Content
  • Omnichannel approach

Alquin is a print-focused publisher and they wanted to make the switch to become anonline content distributor with real-time insights into their target audience.

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Project Results


Average rating by employees


Of Alquin users regularly using the platform


Reason for employee retention according to survey.

Analyzation and optimization

Based on Alquins ready-made content, an online platform was created to provide both distribution of this content, in addition to enriching the experience by creating gamified elements. Students not only go through content in a Netflix-like manner, but their user profiles are created and updated while they use the platform. Teachers have full access to all available content on the platform, but also have their own dashboard by which they can administrate their classes and recommend certain content to their respective students.

Making it right.


Scalable platform for which more than 17,000 student licences have been distributed


Gamified learning experience for students


Strong dashboarding with immediate insight for teachers on how their students are performing.

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