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The Praxis 5-step onboarding approach

From your first day at work until you can work independently.

The largest DIY store in the Netherlands came to us for an onboarding programme. The new programme provides all the information employees need during their first weeks at Praxis. It is divided into five phases that employees go through. From their first day at work until they start working independently.

Elements involved
  • Strategy first
  • Netherlands & Belgium
  • Focus on direct productivity
  • Online learning & offline practicing
  • Current employees & store-managers are highly involved

Praxis DIY center, part of Maxeda DIY Group is one of the Dutch market leaders in the DIY segment.

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Project Results


faster onboarding


learning interventions

Knowledge, attitude & behaviour

For all sections of the onboarding programme, learning objectives were
drawn up in the strategy phase based on knowledge, attitude and behaviour. In follow-up sessions, the learning objectives for each section were written out for each work form. This has given Praxis an onboarding journey that meets the desired success factors.


Laptop with a checklist for the weeks of praxis on it

Making it right.

A series of video recordings – made on the shop floor – form the guide of the programme, which visually introduces users to ‘Working at and according to the values of Praxis’. The videos support textual content and are interspersed with interactive quiz elements, downloads and assignments to be performed both online and on the shop floor. New employees are paired with a colleague and challenged to explore the shop together and make Praxis their own.

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