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Who We Are

Hello! We’re Learnforce, champions of transformative learning and development. We tell stories that educate and inspire, partnering with some of the smartest and most innovative companies in the world. At Learnforce, you wield the power of words to shape how people learn and grow professionally. Your autonomy is paramount, allowing you to create content that resonates and shakes things up. If you’re ready to draft the blueprints of knowledge that transform careers, we’re looking for a full-time L&D creative.

What you’ll tell your friends

“I’m the narrative ninja at Learnforce. I write compelling copy and intelligent texts that empower individuals in their careers. My role is to craft messages that not only inform but also inspire our clients to reach new heights in personal and professional growth.”

What you actually do

You’re the guardian of the written word at Learnforce. Working alongside the creative team, you create compelling content strategies and write copy that engages and educates. You balance creativity with analytics to ensure your texts resonate with our diverse audience. Your work becomes the voice of growth for our clients, echoing our mission to transform and empower.

We're looking for someone who:

  • Finds great joy in writing!
  • Loves crafting effective and persuasive texts that fulfill their purpose.
  • Can independently develop and execute content strategies.
  • Transforms complex concepts into clear, compelling narratives.
  • Embraces the ethos “Make it stick” in every piece of content.
  • Is as comfortable with grammar as you are with creative storytelling.
  • Engages with a diverse audience and understands different learning styles.
  • Is proactive, collaborative, and driven by Learnforce’s vision of impactful learning.
  • Speaks/writes English and Dutch
  • Has a portfolio that showcases your ability to write engaging and educational content.

What You Get in Return:

  • A competitive salary and opportunities for growth.
  • Space to innovate and share knowledge.
  • A lively environment that fuels creativity.
  • Diverse tasks in a uniquely supportive atmosphere.
  • A team that’s committed to pushing boundaries and achieving collective success.
  • Substantial responsibility & support.

Are you all in?

Share your portfolio and surprise us with your application!

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Please note: We are not accepting inquiries from recruiters, agencies or freelancers for this position.