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The Future of L&D

Right Here, Right Now

Transform your L&D Experience.


Campaign-based learning


Quality Intelligent content


Career & Competence mapping


World-class App

The Future of L&D

We are a team of like-minded strategists and problem-solvers, technologists and makers, creatives and craftsmen. Together we help organisations transform their L&D Experience. To do that, we combine intelligent tech with broadcast-quality content craft.

 Smarter, Better, Faster 

L&D under pressure

The shelf-life of knowledge is shrinking. The career-spans of today’s multigenerational workforce are shorter, their many different learning preferences hard to satisfy. Externally, increasing complexity and automation means that organisations must quickly identify and nurture the specific set of competencies that will allow them to flourish — or risk becoming obsolete. Learning now needs to happen faster, more efficiently and effectively than ever before. L&D needs revolution, not evolution.

 Tomorrow’s World, Today 


We see a world in which content is intelligent — structured so it can be automatically delivered at exactly the right time and place inside learning journeys. This content is beautifully crafted to inform, educate and entertain — making it far more effective. Employees immerse themselves in learning because organisation-wide learning-journeys, career and growth paths are clearly laid out for all to see and pursue. And, L&D proactively manages the core competencies its organisation needs to flourish. We have the capability. We have the technology. And we’re making it happen. Right here, Right now.

Liberate, Elevate, Activate 

Campaign-based learning

We see learning as an ongoing campaign, not an isolated moment. To liberate content from its format and to make it reusable across media. We elevate the quality, so it’s more effective. Then we deliver it at the right time and place in an employee’s learning journey. We do it inside a world-class APP, where there’s a dashboard for both end-user and manager. You can enrich the experience by integrating live events, external marcom collateral and more. There’s myriad use cases from driving global culture/transformation shift, to annual leadership, sales or marketing events. It’s simple, smart and very very effective.

Where Logic Meets Emotion

Intelligent quality content

L&D is (for now at least) a uniquely human experience. But that experience is delivered through technology. To crack the digital-analogue code, we employ two distinct approaches. We draw on our post-production roots in TV, film and more, to elevate the quality of content — so people learn more effectively. And, we apply best technical principles in structured content, so that content can be repurposed, reconfigured and delivered automatically — so you can do more with what you have. You might call this content both beautiful and intelligent. That’s quite some combination.

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